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Subsequent ballet masters turned to vitamin A form of note victimization stick figures the first of which was La Stnochorgraphie The Art of Writing Dance publicized in 1852 past the French dancer and choreographer Arthur Saint-Lon The disfavor of this system was that IT could not record the timing or musical theater coordination of movements soh that afterwards attempts to create A system were based along musical notes that would give in non only anatomical reference detail but also the length of the movement In the 19th century the most sophisticated system of rules of this kind was promulgated indium Alphabet des mouvements du corps humain 1892 Alphabet of Movements of the Human Body past Vladimir Stepanov a dancer at the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg Stepanovs system definition of flirt was secondhand to record many an ballets in the Mariinskys repertory the recordings were the ground of sequent reconstructions of those ballets by the Sadlers Wells Ballet in London

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So if you unfeignedly want to make vitamin A goodness impression, work your opener personal. definition of flirt BONUS: What to suppose after you take up the conversation

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